GP Patient Satisfaction Survey:  General Practice Assessment Questionnaire (GPAQ)


GPAQ is a well established, tried and tested patient survey questionnaire

developed at Cambridge and Manchester Universities


Why choose GPAQ? and why choose us for your analysis and reporting?

This patient survey questionnaire incorporates both the "Friends and Family" test

and has questions mapped to the General Medical Council (GMC) requirements for GP revalidation.


We - well mostly - Val, have been associated with the development of GPAQ from its inception, working with

the Department of General Practice at Cambridge/Manchester universities.

As well as over 15 years experience in analysing surveys for practices and providing their reports.

Val continues to provide an analysis and reporting service for practices.


We aim to make your lives easier. We offer free advice on streamlining the GPAQ survey;
a free data entry spreadsheet if you want to organise the data entry yourselves;
a fast data entry service if you would like us to organise data entry;
and though we do charge for this and the reports, we haven't raised prices for over 10 years.

We are flexible and can produce just the reports you need.

We have a template for adding extra questions if you wish.
We will meet your deadlines, and send you comprehensive, independently produced reports.

Contact us to find out more, no obligation.



Image of front page of General Practice Assessment Questionnaire (GPAQ) linking to the questionnaire

GPAQ Questionnaire

Download, and print for your survey


More information about the questionnaire.

It is intended for use, so there are no restrictions on downloading and printing the questionnaire for patient surveys.


Image of front page of GPAQ report linking to sample report

Our service

We can produce individual GP. Nurse, or site reports;  plus  overall practice reports as required.


We can organise data entry for you, or supply an Excel spreadsheet for you to organise the data entry your end.


Image of GPAQ summary report linking to a sample of the report

Our sample reports

These are the reports we supply for you. Practices often find 

'comments' the most useful.


Summary Report
Practice Report

Detailed report with age/sex breakdown

Individual Report

(with overall practice results)


Contact Form


To enquire about our GPAQ analysis service, please use the contact form below and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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We have been analysing GP patient surveys for many years, and offer an excellent service.


We can also give you tips for carrying out your survey as seamlessly as possible.


Our prices are very reasonable, have not increased for several years and are not planned for review just yet. 


 For revalidation data entry must be done completely independently from the GP.


If you would like to use our service but enter the data for analysis yourselves, contact us for copy of our data entry spreadsheet using the form  on this page.


Do ask me, Val, if you have any questions or would like any more information.