Patient Surveys

We provide a fast, flexible, analysis and reporting service for GP patient and colleague surveys. We can advise on running an efficient survey, link you to the latest GPAQ-R2 questionnaire and we offer free data entry templates if you wish to carry out your own data entry.


Our association with GPAQ started with Manchester University, and followed GPAQ's move to Cambridge University. We offer analysis of all versions but recommend the latest, GPAQ-R2, which covers GP Revalidation, the Friends and Family Test (FFT) as well as usual practice survey questions. Read on and/or email us for more information.


GMC Survey

We can enter the data for you, or if you wish to organise this, for revalidation it must be done totally independently from the GP and his/her assessors. You can download and complete our free downloadable data entry spreadsheet in Excel. Patient and Colleague forms are given on separate worksheets.


If you would like us to analyse the survey, please ensure the answers are coded according to superscripts in this version of the GMC Patient Survey and this version of the GMC Colleague Survey form. You can then e-mail the completed spreadsheet to us.



CMI * FREE * Templates

1. Free extra question template, GPAQ-R / GPAQ-R2

2. Free FFT plus extra Qs only template

3. Free FFT plus extra Qs data entry       spreadsheet

4. Free GPAQ-R2 Data Entry Spreadsheet

5. Free GPAQ-R Data Entry Spreadsheet

6. Free saveable, fillable GMC Colleague       Questionnaire

7. Free extra question template GPAQ V3

8. Free GPAQ V3 Data Entry Spreadsheet

9. Free Patient Survey Poster

How does it work?

Carrying out the survey takes some planning. It goes more smoothly if you can nominate a staff member to look after the survey. Questionnaires need to be printed (black and white is fine). Who hands the questionnaires out should depend on your purpose for the survey. For the practice overall, this can be done from Reception, though that's usually a pretty busy place. If your remit includes individual GP reports and/or revalidation, those questionnaires should have the doctor's name on them and be given out and collected according to the GMC Guidelines. Once you've collected all you need, the results need to be transferred to a spreadsheet. If you have someone at your practice with the confidence and time, you can use our free data entry spreadsheet. For revalidation, this must be carried out completely independently from the GPs and their assessors. Or we can carry out the data entry for you. If you'd like us to analyse your survey and prepare reports, we e-mail them to you as pdfs, which is a format suitable for uploading to your website. Samples of our suite of three reports: summary, practice and detailed (with age/sex breakdown) reports can be seen by clicking on the links. And we welcome feedback.

Friends and Family Test (FFT)

From December 2014 is a contractual requirement for practices to undertake the Friends and Family Test and report results each month.


The Friends and Family Test is now included in GPAQ R2.

FFT: Free Template

We at CMI offer a customisable FREE downloadable FFT Template in WORD with the Friends and Family question, optional questions and space for free text feedback. Questions for both sex and age band are included as we have observed a wide range of FFT results across groups, giving useful feedback.


You can use our free downloadable data entry spreadsheet in Excel.

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Any questions? Contact us. If you'd prefer to talk on the phone, e-mail and we can arrange a convenient time to talk through your questions.